Korn's Jonathan Davis has been through a lot in his life and the rocker is now sharing his experiences in the hope that it may help others. Davis is the latest musician to film a video for the You Rock Foundation discussing his panic attacks, anxiety, bouts of depression and how he's learned to deal with them in his everyday life.

The video opens with Davis recalling, "It was the most horrible thing -- I remember when I got my first panic attack, I thought I was gonna die." The rocker recounts how he was drinking heavily and very much into drugs at the time and it led him down a very dark path. "I started getting really paranoid thinking medicine was bad for me and stuff like that. I wouldn't take any kinds of meds and I actually turned schizophrenic for a while," says the singer.

The combination of his father's death and his young son seeing him drunk and in a bad way began the turning point toward getting sober, but even after he quit drinking, there were still issues with depression.

"It's like walking around with a giant lead blanket on you," says Davis of what it's like dealing with depression. He adds, "Thank God I had my music to get me through. I think music is one of the most powerful things in the entire world. It has the power to heal people. It has the power to bring people together no matter what you're into. It's just a beautiful thing. And that's why I threw myself whole heartedly into making music. THAT is my drugs now. THAT is my anti-depressant. THAT is everything to me."

Davis urges those dealing with depression to find an outlet to express what they're going through. He also cites exercise, therapy and the motivation of being his best self for his children as reasons he's turned his life around.

"I'm sitting here and I'm gonna be 44 years old and I wanna tell everybody it does get better," says Davis. "It takes time. Sometimes it takes medicine. Sometimes it takes re-arranging your whole life and doing things differently but it does get better at times and those are the times I live for."

See his full video interview above and for more information on how to deal with depression and how you can make a difference, please visit the You Rock Foundation website.

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