It's not surprising that video games are a preferred refuge for a lot of musicians when they want to decompress. In a recent video released by Glixel, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis spoke on his love for gaming, and how much it helps him chill out on tour.

Unlike a lot of other gamers, Davis is totally unashamed to mention how much he digs kid games. The video begins, Davis firing up his console rig, and immediately turning it to a copy of Toy Story 3. He laughs, saying, "Yeah I play little kid games. I like them, I don't care, I really don't." From there he talks about having played video games his entire life since when he was a young kid. He shows off his original Xbox rig, given to him from Microsoft after the release of Halo 2.

He shows his current rig, packing an Xbox One as well as a variety of other consoles. He mentions having two video game consoles on his bus so he can be playing wherever he wants (when he's not sleeping, he mentions) whether at the venue or in his hotel room. Video games take on a bigger importance for him because it's a way for him to be able to hang out with his kids while he's out on the road. Davis pulls up a bunch of his favorite recent games, including Attack on Titan, Slime Rancher, and the Lego Batman series.

"I like the kids games the best," he says. "I don't give a f-k, I just play to play." Video games really came into his life after he was stricken with a disease, and it allowed him to take his mind off what he was going through. It also allows him an escape from going to parties, being able to be in solitude. Playing games in tandem with writing music helps Davis as well, letting him go back and forth between each task and never getting too frustrated.

It's a sweet video, and reveals a lot about Davis' personality in some subtler ways. It's a good follow up to Glixel's first video, which featured Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows.

Watch Jonathan Davis talk about video games above!

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