It's not 1999 and this is not Family Values, but two of rock's most enduring bands will be sharing the stage again this coming March as Korn and Limp Bizkit lead the lineup for Southern California's annual Epicenter Festival.

The two acts, who famously led the '99 Family Values tour, will be joined on the run by the reunited House of Pain featuring Everlast, who will be making their only SoCal performance of 2015. P.O.D., Suicidal Tendencies and Hopsin will round out the bill. This year's Epicenter will take place at the fabulous Forum in Inglewood, Calif., on March 14.

This will be one of the shows where Korn will perform their self-titled 1994 debut disc in its entirety. Frontman Jonathan Davis says, "At the time we made the first Korn album, everyone told us we were so heavy and so unorthodox that we would never get on radio, never sell a million records. But, we could feel the audience feed off the emotion behind the music, and we knew those fans made us unstoppable! And so many fans who never had a chance to see us back then deserve a chance to see it now as we celebrate its 20th birthday. Epicenter is going to be so special! I can't wait to do it at the Forum!!!"

Special "early bird" tickets for Epicenter are currently available for a limited time from now through Jan. 5 at 12AM ET. Tickets will be available through Ticketmaster, Live Nation and the Forum Box Office. Visit the Epicenter Festival website for additional details.

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