Korn have unveiled an official lyric video for the new song 'Never Never.' The clip has been identified to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy, so with that warning in mind, check out the tripped-out 'Never Never' lyric video from Korn above.

Korn debuted the 'Never Never' lyric video through USA Today on Aug. 13, showcasing the first piece of the band's upcoming full-length 'The Paradigm Shift.' The album is due out on Oct. 8 and it will be the first Korn release to feature guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch since 'Take a Look in the Mirror' was put out in 2003.

"It was an amazing night when we finished that song," frontman Jonathan Davis says about 'Never Never.' "It's a relationship song. You go through that s--- and you get hurt so bad. Then you think, 'It's not worth it anymore. I'm not going to f------ love again.' You experience so many pressures to be a good dad, a good husband, a good lover, or whatever. Being in a relationship is a lot of work."

"After touring and having killer hang out time with my brothers, we all learned quickly that the decision to rejoin KoRn was the right one," Welch writes in his most recent edition of HeAd's KoRner. "Hearing the record come together so well was a huge sign for us, as well. We all got into a room and jammed out when we had time and the vibe was stronger than ever. Munky and I had a blast laying down the guitar tracks, too! It was like I never left, man. Everything just felt so natural."

Check out Korn's 'Never Never' lyric video above!