To celebrate their new dubstep-inspired release, 'The Path of Totality,' Korn put together an equally experimental tour with the entire opening roster consisting of electronic artists. On Friday (Nov. 4), Korn brought the tour to the Roseland Ballroom in midtown Manhattan, bringing a night of dubstep, nu-metal and Adidas tracksuits to the city.

With the positive fan reactions to both 'Get Up!' and 'Narcissistic Cannibal,' the first two singles from 'The Path of Totality,' the possibility of Korn fans embracing the dubstep acts was very real. The Ballroom was completely packed with older and younger generations of Korn fans, potentially expanding the range of musical taste within the audience. Unfortunately, the dubstep acts were met with a lukewarm (at best) reaction from the crowd, except for when Korn frontman Jonathan Davis joined Downlink onstage to perform 'Tension,' a B-side from 'The Path of Totality.'

As the time drew near for Korn to take the stage, fans began to chant "We want Korn!" during the various dubstep acts. Finally, after two hours of electronic acts, Korn's crew began to set up the band's equipment. The crowd was already incredibly rowdy, with fights breaking out, puffs of smoke filling the venue and enough drinks being poured to rival a tailgating session before a Slayer show.

As Korn took the stage, they were met with a tremendous reception by the crowd. The three remaining founders of the band -- Jonathan Davis, Munky and Fieldy -- graced the front of the stage and launched into 'Predictable' from their self-titled album. After a few more songs, Korn began to play a block of new music, with 'Narcissistic Cannibal' and 'Get Up!' proving to be two of the night's highlights, although Davis' voice didn't quite pack the punch it did on the new album during the chorus of 'Get Up!'

Korn also played fan favorites 'Freak on a Leash' and 'Falling Away From Me,' plus their cover of the Pink Floyd classic 'Another Brick in the Wall.' Fans began chanting for Korn immediately as they left the stage before their encore. The band returned to play a two-song medley of 'Shoots and Ladders' going into Metallica's 'One.' Korn finished strong with '90s classics 'Got the Life' and 'Blind,' which resulted in wall-to-wall moshing from the crowd as Davis screamed "Are you ready?!"

Korn brought in some of the most rabid and energetic fans we've ever seen at a show. New-school fans not only got to see one of their favorite bands, but were given a unique look into the '90s through the band's performance as well as the old-school Korn fans who have kept their passion alive for nearly 20 years.

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[Photos by Liz Ramanand, Loudwire]