Korn recently embarked on a Russian tour, with the next stop set for Moscow tomorrow (May 15). However, the band has postponed their May 16 show in Kiev due to the current unrest in the area.

In a statement posted on their official website, the band explains the decision as follows:

"As the State Department of United States of America has recently issued a travel advisory warning against any non-essential travel to Kiev, both Korn and the promoter have decided it would be in the best interest of the fans that the show scheduled for May 16, 2014 be postponed to a later date. Full ticket refunds will be available immediately from point of purchase. All of Korn's other dates on their tour of Russia will continue as planned."

Korn have concerts scheduled in Russia through May 28. The State Department warning covers several regions of Ukraine due to the possibility of violent clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian groups and the presence of Russian military forces in the Crimean Peninsula and on the eastern border of Ukraine.

In other Korn news, guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch talks about the reactions to his finding God in a new interview with Metal Hammer Radio. "There were some jokes and some t-shirts came out that were saying crazy stuff like ‘Korn gave Head to God,’ so it stung a little bit, but on the other side I was just laughing. Some of the comments were so out there it was crazy. Over the years people have been much more supportive and people’s view is changing on the whole thing."

Once Korn wrap up their Russian tour, they'll play Rockfest 2014 in Kansas City at the end of May and the Tail Creek Mud &  Music Festival in Alberta, Canada, at the end of June before embarking on the  July 5 in San Bernardino, Calif.