The worlds of pop and rock are mixing again, in one of the more interesting ways possible. In recent weeks, you'd be hard pressed to not at least be aware of the NSFW Rihanna video for "Bitch Better Have My Money." And it appears as though Korn have definitely caught the track as well as they've created a remix for it.

With a track called "Bitch Better Have My Money," you'd expect the song to have some edge, but Korn have taken that to the next level by adding some crushing riffage and killer low end to the track. Take a listen to the remix in the player above, while the original song can be heard below.

The fact that Korn have remixed a pop track should not come as a surprise, as frontman Jonathan Davis has been moonlighting in the EDM world under the alter ego JDevil in recent years. And let's not forget Korn's experimentation with dubstep on The Path of Totality album. But the remix itself is not necessarily of the electronic or dubstep genres, serving more as a straight up rock remix of the song.

In addition to the remix, Korn's Jonathan Davis seems to be dipping his hands in all sorts of projects. It was recently revealed he's teamed with Marilyn Manson on an acoustic project, while he's also set to appear on a new track with country superstars Big and Rich.

Korn are currently spending the summer in Europe, with dates booked into early August. The band will take part in the Heavy Montreal festival on Aug. 7, but don't have another North American show until the Rock Allegiance performance in Chester, Pa. on Oct. 10. Their dates can be found here.

Hear the Original Version of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money"

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