What better way to celebrate album release day than by playing a show, and that's exactly what Korn did Friday night (Oct. 21) in Los Angeles. With an invite-only crowd organized by SiriusXM, the band and their fans made the most of the occasion with an intimate show at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The venue was a perfect one for the band, as the classic theater provided a gothic feel befitting of the group, while also ensuring that all those in attendance would get that perfect intimate concert vibe. After SiriusXM host Jose Mangin's initial introduction, the band members sauntered out, their shadows bounding against the giant sheet covering the stage. With the thunderous drums of Ray Luzier kicking in, the sheet dropped as fans were treated to the night's opening song, "Right Now."

After the second song of the night -- a frenzied and furious "Here to Stay" -- Jonathan Davis offered his first address to the audience, speaking of what it means to be 12 albums into their career and how it felt to have the fans there with them. As this was a record release bash, Korn took the opportunity to give a live debut to one of their new songs. The funky "Take Me" got a solid response and should be a fine addition to their live show moving forward. Keeping with the new, the band followed with the current single "Rotting in Vain" to the delight of the crowd, especially as fellow guitarists Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer engaged in some synchronized low-to-the-ground grooving, as if feeling every bit of what they were playing.

A little later in the set, Ray Luzier sent the audience into a frenzy with a drum solo and Jonathan Davis had fans in unison swinging their arms along to "Somebody Someone." "Coming Undone" was followed by two more new songs -- "Insane" and "A Different World" -- with the former providing a cool visual as Davis let out a soul-baring scream just as steam shot toward the sky from the back of the stage.

Pausing for the second time of the night, Davis stated that this point in their career is as good as it gets, and that he felt that while some had begun to question if the state of rock had lost its spirit, Korn were very much there to show that it's alive and well. And with that, the band broke into "Y'All Want a Single," with Head, bassist Fieldy, Davis and Munky lined up stage right to left, each feeling the groove and the heaviness of what they were playing, while Davis implored the crowd to send middle fingers skyward.

Other highlights of the set included Davis walking out with a bagpipe to start the fan-favorite "Shoots and Ladders" with the band tacking on a bit of Metallica's "One" to finish out the song, the familiar guitar and percussion of "Blind" and a late show nod to the 20th anniversary of the Life Is Peachy album with performances of "Twist" and "Good God." Finishing out the evening, the band polished off the fully rocked crowd with encore performances of "Falling Away From Me" and "Freak on a Leash."

Korn just wrapped their fall North American tour leg with their performance at the Aftershock Festival this weekend and will now head to Europe for shows. Stay up to date with their touring at this location, and check out our photos from Korn's Los Angeles record release party backed by SiriusXM at the Ace Theater in the gallery above.

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