Did you know Korn isn't the original Korn? It's true! In a false way, that is. Joey Siler, who brought us the awesome Cooking Hostile series featuring Phil Anselmo, has delved into metal history by animating the story of how Jonathan Davis came up with Korn's moniker.

The Secret Metal Mysteries video stars a four-cobbed band called Corn, who seem to have been the true innovators of nu-metal. Corn even mapped out the blueprint of what would become the classic track "Blind." But why didn't Corn rise to superstardom? The man who stopped the band in its tracks was a young Jonathan Davis.

Already obsessed with the food, Davis needed ownership of the name Corn. Davis had much experience with death, as the vocalist famously worked as a mortician. However, Davis' arms were too skinny to take down all four members of Corn, so he enlisted the services of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.

You'll have to check out the video yourselves to see what happens next, but while Corn perform in the seedy animated bar, be sure to glance at the stickers behind the cobs. You'll find hilarious foodie puns such as Yam of God, Rage Against the Mungbean, Greens of the Stone Age, Spudvayne and many others.

Check out the first episode of Secret Metal Mysteries in the clip above!

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