While the rock world remains stunned at the loss of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, the wheel keeps moving forward. The members of Korn and Stone Sour had a close relationship with the singer and each group dedicated a song to him onstage during their tour stop in Massachusetts last night.

With Korn's stage bathed in a blue hue, the dreary atmosphere and driving drum beat of "4 U" hung over the crowd. Before launching into the expressive lyrical moments of the track, frontman Jonathan Davis addressed the crowd, stating, "I want to dedicate this song tonight to all our homeboy, Chester Bennington y'all. Y'all make some noise for Chester, we love you brother!" The brief song then transitioned into the fan-favorite "Blind."

Prior to Korn's performance, Stone Sour took the stage and Corey Taylor was visibly shaken by Bennington's suicide. "We all lost somebody today," said a somber Taylor with a trembling voice. "I lost a friend... and this was one of his favorite songs and I want to dedicate to him. Chester, we will f--king miss you." The emotional Come (What)ever May cut "Through Glass" found the crowd joining in with Taylor as he worked through the pain of loss in memory of the Linkin Park singer.

These dedications are among the first of what will surely be a long line of onstage tributes to come as artists, still reeling from the death of Chris Cornell, pay their respects to Bennington. Many have already posted tributes and offered condolences on social media, reacting to the news yesterday.

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