Korn are at it again with their 10th studio album ‘The Path of Totality,’ a disc that combines nu-metal elements with the electronic dance genre dubstep -- thanks to contributions from Skrillex, Noisia, Downlink, Kill the Noise and more.

The album starts off with some serious high hat action in the first track ‘Chaos Lives in Everything’ featuring Skrillex. The song sets the tone for the entire album, which in essence, features the Korn many fans know and love except with the guitars turned down and the beats amped up.

Jonathan Davis' voice may be the most powerful instrument on the entire album, with a song like ‘Kill Mercy Within’ allowing the singer to show off his signature vocals.

The singles ‘Get Up!’ featuring Skrillex and ‘Narcisstic Cannibal’ with Skrillex and Kill the Noise are a great representation of the record as a whole, both containing forceful choruses that Korn fans have come to expect.

‘Sanctuary,’ featuring Downlink, and ‘Let’s Go,’ with Noisia, show a great balance between the guitars and synthesizers. ‘Let's Go’ also has a rattling bass line that is a treat for Fieldy fans.

The track ‘Bleeding Out’ starts off with a soft piano melody that morphs into a chaotic dubstep world, while heavy guitar riffs and Davis' rapid delivery of the chorus make it one of the most layered tracks on the disc.

Metal music snobs and Korn haters may not like the idea of the album, but if you give ‘The Path of Totality’ a chance, you might find that it works very well. Although there are bands that have tried the dubstep metal mix, ‘The Path of Totality’ is something like you’ve never heard before. Korn are alive and well, as they continue to reinvent themselves.


Watch the Korn 'Narcissitic Cannibal' Video