Over the last year, Korn gave countless interviews declaring their new record would be a return to their early form, bringing back punishing rhythms and a flat out heavier sound than anything in recent years. The Serenity of Suffering made good on this promise and connected with fans, who flocked to purchase the album, sending it to No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in its debut week.

With 55,000 physical albums sold and another 2,000 attributed to downloads and streaming, Korn ultimately shifted 57,000 copies of the Serenity of Suffering. The chart position marks the 13th time the band has debuted in the Top 10, good enough for a tie with rock behemoths Led Zeppelin.

Only five rock acts have notched more debuts inside the Top 10 with Korn now starting down legends in the Rolling Stones (36 times), the Beatles (32 times), Dave Matthews Band (15 times) and Santana and Van Halen (both 14 times).

Also sitting inside the Top 10 are winter favorites Trans-Siberian Orchestra and their greatest hits compilation, The Ghost of Christmas Eve, which landed at No. 9 after shifting 26,000 copies. Other rock acts who dominated the charts in their debut week include the Pretty Reckless, with Who You Selling For moving 22,000 copies, hitting No. 13. Not far behind is I Prevail's Lifelines at No. 15 with 19,500 copies sold.

When Korn guitarist James 'Munky' Shaffer dropped by our studio, he guested on the Loudwire Podcast (audio below), detailing the inspiration behind the return to Korn's heavier sound. Revealing their producer, Nick Raskulinecz, was the catalyst, he told us, “We needed Nick’s help to focus our energy. 'What happened to the heavy guitar riffs? What happened to the back-and-forth with you and Head? Where’s the angry, screaming vocals of the heavy riffs? Where’s Fieldy’s bass? You can’t even hear his bass anymore,’” he explained.

Continuing, Munky said, “[Nick] kind of put his neck out there in the sense that we may not like what we’re about to hear. He was willing to take that chance and be honest with us. Some of it was difficult to hear, but he was right.”

Korn's Munky on the Loudwire Podcast

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