Korn have just unleashed a music video for 'Love & Meth,' the latest single from Korn's new album, 'The Paradigm Shift,' and the tune's accompanying clip is pretty damn entertaining.

'The Paradigm Shift' is the first Korn album to feature founding guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch since 'Take a Look in the Mirror' was unleashed a decade ago. After shining their spotlight on the dynamic yet polarizing single 'Never Never,' the video for which sees Korn battling an evil nemesis on a giant clock, Korn take it back to basics for 'Love & Meth.'

'Love & Meth' follows the classic Korn cadence of a simple and groove-centric lead, followed by slithering verses and power choruses. In the video for 'Love & Meth,' Korn perform the track while being led by a demented maestro infected by an internal curse. As the video continues, the members of Korn become controlled with puppet strings via the maestro's disturbing powers. However, the conductor is slowly being torn apart from the inside, which is showcased by some 'Hellrasier'-like stop motion animation.

Korn possess a long and distinguished history of producing some of rock's greatest music videos. Although 'Love & Meth' won't get the 'Total Request Live' treatment like 'Got the Life,' 'Freak on a Leash' and 'Falling Away From Me' earned in the late '90s, fans of Korn's videography will surely get a kick out of 'Love & Meth.'

Check out Korn's new video for 'Love and Meth' above!