Korn have just released an official music video for 'Way Too Far' from their dubstep-infused album 'The Path of Totality.' The track, which features contributions from electronic artists 12th Planet, Flinch and Downlink, portrays Korn racing cars, jamming in their practice room and… getting face tattoos?

'Way Too Far' is the band's third single from 'The Path of Totality,' after the successful tracks 'Get Up!' and 'Narcissistic Cannibal.' Vocalist Jonathan Davis drives a huge army truck around in a deserted area to shoot some guns at a TV, before his alter-ego J-Devil steps in, while guitarist Munky takes a racing car for a spin around a track.

Drummer Ray Luzier gets the glamorous task of driving around a van with his massive drum kit in the back, while bassist Fieldy gets a new batch of face tattoos courtesy of some product placement from Monster Energy Drink. That's right kids, when you've just gotta get some ink stabbed into your face, you'd better grab yourself a Monster!

Korn recently surprised their fans during their performance at the Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina as former guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch stepping onto the stage with Korn for a one-off reunion performance of 'Blind.' Check out video footage of the reunion here.

The band has also revealed even more worldwide dates to their 2012 itinerary -- click here for more info, and check out Korn's new video for 'Way Too Far' below.

Watch Korn's 'Way Too Far' Video