Korn guitarist's Brian 'Head' Welch famously left the band to embrace his Christian beliefs, but now bassist Fieldy is showing his faith by apparently getting a tattoo of a crucifix the left side of his face.

Head is now back in the band, and just one look at the dudes from Korn and you'll see a massive amount of ink. Some members are practically tatted head-to-toe. Welch has got more than a few symbols tattooed on his face, including stars, teardrops, music notes and a cross. However, Fieldy's new cross tattoo may just be the most prominent ink of all the band members.

According to a post on Head's Instagram published earlier today (March 21), Fieldy's face tattoo is for real. Head wrote, "My boy Fieldy's new face tattoo... REPRESENTING," along with the photo below:


The tattoo looks pretty legit, but this pic definitely was not taken immediately after Fieldy hopped out of the parlor chair. There's no redness or irritation to be seen and the tattoo doesn't look to be flaky or healing, although the lower half of the tattoo sports a much darker tone, which could be a sign of a new ink.

Check it out for yourselves and discuss in the comments section below!

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