Korn recently welcomed the return of guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch to the lineup after he quit the band seven years ago. Now, members of the band are opening up with their personal thoughts on the reunion with Welch and why it just seemed natural.

Welch left the band to become a born-again Christian and at the time it prompted some discord with the remaining members. Reflecting back on it, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis talked about how he was feeling at the time. In the new issue of Metal Hammer (via Blabbermouth), Davis explained, “Well, he was just cuckoo with religious stuff. I've seen people go through it, and he was kicking speed so obviously he's not gonna be right in the head for a while.” He also shared, “Him getting all crazy Christian and stuff, what it really did was save his life, so I don't give a f---.”

Now that Welch is back with the band, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer commented on what it’s like to have him back in the mix. “It's a lot of different things and they're all positive, starting with having a childhood friend back in our family,” Munky said. “I wanted to make sure we stayed friends and have him back in my life. It was something that everybody wanted me to ask and it was only right that it should come from me.”

Munky summed things up perfectly, saying, “I think time heals most of that, between when he left the band and those words were said.” He continued,”We've all gone through those stupid-ass moments where we just regret a lot of things that we've done or said. It's sort of like, 'It's OK, it's all good.' It's about forgiveness and compassion."

Things couldn’t be better for Korn right now with their 11th studio album ‘The Paradigm Shift’ due out on Oct. 8 they will kick off their upcoming North American tour in late September. They also just released their new video for ‘Never, Never’ and revealed plans for a one-off Family Values Festival.

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