During Lacey Sturm's visit to our studio to promote her new solo album, Life Screams, we went deep into her past time with Flyleaf. We asked Lacey about her highest and lowest moments in the platinum-selling rock band, and interestingly enough, the answers weren't all that different.

Lacey Sturm left Flyleaf shortly before they released their third album, New Horizons, in 2012. Lacey spent 10 years in Flyleaf, achieving massive success and as she would say in her new solo single, "living the impossible." We first asked Lacey what her highest moment was, and she took us through the beginnings to explain exactly why her final show with the band was so special.

Emotions ran extremely high after the death of Flyleaf's lead sound engineer Rich Caldwell. Caldwell had been there since the beginning, running sound at Flyleaf's shows even before the band had made a name for themselves. Lacey said it felt bizarre not to have Caldwell running the board at her final Flyleaf gig, but the reminder of mortality permitted through the band, reminding them what was really important.

"I remember just breaking down and hugging my guitarist before we went on, like so nervous to go on, and him just saying, 'I love you. I love you too,' just because we need to say it. Leaving the band was hard and in those moments, what's important is that we love each other … That was the most precious time with the band."

Lacey's lowest moment was interwoven within her highest, so we'll let her explain that herself. Check out Lacey Sturm's highest and lowest moments in Flyleaf in the clip above! To pre-order Life Screams and various bundle packs, head over to Lacey Sturm's GoMerch page.

Lacey Sturm Talks 'Life Screams,' Living the Impossible + Playing Flyleaf Songs Live