With Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe in custody in Prague, Czech Republic, on suspicion of manslaughter stemming from an incident at a 2010 concert, the extreme metal group's guitarist Willie Adler has released a statement concerning his bandmate.

Just as some other rockers did when they tweeted about the Blythe's incident, Adler brought up the 2004 tragedy that claimed the life of legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

“It’s been a rough couple of days," says Adler. "All I can say is that I can’t recall that particular show [in 2010] let alone a fan being beaten on the stage. I think I would’ve noticed something like that considering the Dime thing."

Adler continues, "We’re all still here in the Czech Republic awaiting what is to happen. All our thoughts are with him [Blythe] as well as the family of the deceased fan. We’ve no real clue as to what happened to him, but we send our condolences. All we try to do is entertain; the fans are why we’re here. We would never try and harm anyone.”

Adler's statement is the latest in a string of updates about Randy Blythe. See how other rockers have reacted by clicking below: