Damn! This new film project just got a LOT more interesting. An upcoming film called Gutterdämmerung, which has been dubbed "The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth," has just added Motorhead's Lemmy Kimister and Slayer's Tom Araya to its already illustrious cast.

The dark fairytale had already revealed punk legends Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins as part of its cast, along with musicians Grace Jones and Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes. Now, metal is represented with the addition of two of the genre's biggest frontmen.

Lemmy will play a crazed general leading the "Armour Cavalry" during a dark explosive moment for the two heroines of Gutterdämmerung. As for Tom Araya, he will act as a mysterious messenger of darkness. These characters will complement Iggy Pop's punk angel who sends the Devil's guitar back to earth and Henry Rollins' evil puritan priest who manipulates a naive girl to retrieve and destroy that same guitar.

"Much in the tradition of classic movies of 1920’s Hollywood, the film is mostly silent but instead of a lone piano a live rock band of rock express the emotions and action whilst special effects from the film explode to life all around the audience," reads an official description of the film. "Think of a deafening rock ‘n’ roll version of Secret Cinema taking place in hell and you might just begin to have an idea of what Gutterdämmerung is."

A tour with the film's live band scoring Gutterdämmerung is scheduled to hit the road during late 2015 / early 2016, so keep your eyes open for that!

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