It's been a waiting game for those looking for new music from Limp Bizkit, but there's some news on a track that will be surfacing soon. However, you'll need to get a bit old-school to hear the song.

The band has revealed in a new post that 'Endless Slaughter' is the name of a new song that's about to surface. They refer to it as "the first experience" off their upcoming album, 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants,' rather than the lead single.

However, Limp Bizkit are not exactly making it easy to pick up the song. According to their Facebook post, the track will only be available on cassette, and the cassettes will only be available at their concerts. Their post on the matter can be read as follows:

ENDLESS SLAUGHTER is the first "experience" from our new album STAMPEDE OF THE DISCO ELEPHANTS and will be available only on CASSETTE in about two weeks or so. Plus, these lovely collectibles will be sold only at our concerts. I'd suggest finding one of your oldest of old school friends to supply the cassette deck equipped BOOM BOX for your analogue listening pleasure. No rules. No limits.
Love you!
Limp Bizkit

As for where you can find Limp Bizkit in concert, you're in luck if you'll be in Europe during the months of June and July. At present, their only scheduled U.S. date is the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Sept. 13 in Sacramento, Calif. To see their full itinerary, click here.

As mentioned, 'Endless Slaughter' will be on the band's upcoming 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants' album. No release date has been scheduled as of yet.

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