Don't blink or you might miss something! Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst shared a 14-second video of guitarist Wes Borland riffing on his guitar. It's incredibly short but it's also an organic look at the band as it works on new material for its forthcoming debut for Cash Money after a long career on Interscope. It's the right label digs for the band, since Durst and co. have been meshing rap and rock seamlessly for years. The formula has served the Bizkit well.

Durst called the clip 'Borlander in My Studio Dropping Bombs.' In it, Borland, long considered a significant musical talent, is playing a riff over a beat while standing in front of some studio equipment, looking low key and casual in a white button-down shirt. It's just a teaser taste, but it should still stoke the fires of excitement for the band's diehard fanbase. It's also a quick voyeur's viewpoint of the recording process. It leaves you wanting more.

With a collaboration with superstar rapper Lil Wayne also on deck, 2012 could be quite the comeback year for Fred Durst and the Bizkit crew.

Watch Borlander Dropping Bombs in Fred Durst Studio