Is there ever a time when we all couldn't use a little more Lindemann in our life?

Because, while the future of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann's envelope-pushing solo act might've been somewhat uncertain after last year's split with Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tagtgren, this May, Lindemann is back with Live in Moscow, a concert film of the group's March 15, 2020 performance at Russia's VTB Arena. Now, we can all re-live the Lindemann magic at home.

Watch the trailer down toward the bottom of this post as well as the live video clip for "Allesfresser," where Lindemann instigates a one-sided food fight and hurls a cake into the faces of the front-row crowd.

Besides planting a foot firmly in the future for Lindemann — and, hopefully for fans, for more albums beyond 2019's F & M — the concert release also looks back at a time not so long ago that now feels light years away: the pre-pandemic days of regular concerts and live events.

"It was probably one of the very last concerts of the old era, the big party before the worldwide shutdown," a product description on Rammstein's website reads. "On 15 March 2020, Lindemann played two triumphant concerts in Moscow's VTB Arena. On 21 May 2021, the already historic evening from Moscow will be released as a concert film on DVD. The artwork was designed in the aesthetics of socialist realism."

Are you ready to experience Lindemann Live in Moscow this spring? The live album and film is available to bundle as a double vinyl LP, DVD, Blu-ray, and deluxe CD and Blu-ray combos.

Get your pre-orders in now.

Lindemann, "Allesfresser" — Live in Moscow

Lindemann, Live in Moscow Trailer

Lindemann, Live in Moscow Tracklist:

1. "Skills In Pills"
2. "Lady Boy"
3. "Fat"
4. "Frau & Mann"
5. "Ich Weiss es nicht"
6. "Allesfresser"
7. "Knebel"
8. "Home Sweet Home"
9. "Cowboy"
10. "Golden Shower"
11. "Blut"
12. "Platz Einz"
13. "Praise Abort"
14. "Fish On"
15. "Ach so gern"
16. "Gummi"
17. "Steh auf"

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