Whoever made this deserves a prize of some kind. We can't imagine how long it took to put this together, but Linkin Park's "In the End" has been completely recreated by audio and video from a total of 183 movies.

Even if you're not a Linkin Park fan, you'll find yourself listening to "In the End" in full. There was no cutting corners in this thing. The creator could have recycled the chorus, but they put their nose to the grindstone and meticulously went through movies to fill every single word of "In the End."

You'll find some of your favorite movie characters unknowingly rapping Mike Shinoda's parts and singing like Chester Bennington. Some of the more memorable cameos include Ron Burgundy, Heath Ledger's Joker, Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Willy Wonka, Yoda and many more.

See how many movies you can pick out without cheating. If you want to check out the entire list of films included in chronological order, head to the YouTube video's "about" section. Watch the jumbled masterpiece in the clip above.

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