Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's involvement with Stone Temple Pilots caught everyone by surprise since the moment Bennington first stepped onstage with the band at the 2013 MusiCares MAP Fund benefit. The vocalist has stayed the course with STP ever since, but what do the other members of Linkin Park think about their singer's decision? Linkin Park's DJ Joe Hahn has spoken out on Bennington's STP venture in a new interview.

Since unveiling their first song with Bennington, 'Out of Time,' Stone Temple Pilots booked a U.S. tour and announced the Oct. 8 release of a new EP, 'High Rise.' Loudwire caught STP's Boston tour date with Bennington behind the mic, which showcased Stone Temple Pilots upping the ante with Chester's inclusion. STP may be truly stable for the first time in ages after ditching classic singer Scott Weiland, but many have questioned whether or not Linkin Park will also remain stable.

"In high school we grew up listening to Stone Temple Pilots," DJ Joe Hahn tells Rolling Stone. "For us these are the deities of rock. They're up there, so if someone asks you to do that, you just do it. Chester is such a great singer and for him to have the opportunity to go and sing with other people, we're appreciative of them for asking Chester to do it. I think on a spiritual level it works in so many ways, where it's not even about there being a benefit, it's just something that feels right, especially for Chester."

Hahn further explains how Bennington's new creative outlet has had a positive effect on Linkin Park. "Recently, Chester's songwriting has been incredible," reveals Hahn. "He'll come to the studio with some stuff where we're like, 'How did that happen?' For him to flex that with Stone Temple Pilots or whoever, he's definitely a person that has a lot of stuff inside of him, and you can tell by watching him perform it's there and it needs to come out."

Get excited for Stone Temple Pilots' 'High Rise' EP, which will hit fans on Oct. 8.