Little by little, Linkin Park fans are getting a better grasp of what the band's upcoming album 'The Hunting Party' will sound like. The latest piece of the puzzle is a new song called 'Rebellion,' which finds the band teaming up with System of a Down guitarist-singer Daron Malakian.

Malakian's influence can definitely be felt on the track, as there's moments early in the song that feel like they could have come from System's catalog rather than Linkin Park's. The track also offers an early showcase for drummer Rob Bourdon as his frenetic beats team with Dave "Phoenix" Farrell's bass and Brad Delson's guitar work to form a low-end heavy opening.

Much like the 'Wastelands' lyric video before it, the band takes a minimal approach to the visuals, with the white lettering lyrics playing out over a solid black background.

'Rebellion' follows the recently released 'Wastelands,' and the singles 'Guilty All the Same' and 'Until It's Gone' off of 'The Hunting Party' album. If you like what you hear, the disc will be available on June 17. Fans can also put in their pre-orders at iTunes and Amazon, or enter our incredible contest below for a deluxe package that also includes a guitar and concert tickets!

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