Many great artists performed at the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival, but we were lucky enough to sit down with Linkin Park, one of the fest's headlining acts, for a chat backstage. In this video, rapper Mike Shinoda and bassist Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell speak about their personal heroes, which include Metallica and Paul McCartney.

After already speaking with the duo for a bit, we asked about who Shinoda and Phoenix, despite being in one of the world's biggest bands for 15 years, still put up on a pedestal. Metallica came up immediately for Mike Shinoda, but the Linkin Park co-vocalist also spoke about producer Rick Rubin in greater detail.

Shinoda spoke about one of Rubin's exercises that they still use in the studio today. "If we were listening to a song we were writing, one of the exercises was: What does this sound like? Now what can those artists totally not do? What do they not have the personnel for? What do they not have the talent for or it's not their forté? And now can we do that and add it in?"

Phoenix name dropped the Beatles, most notably Paul McCartney, who Linkin Park were able to jam with at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Both Shinoda and Phoenix went on about how nice Sir Paul was both during rehearsals and future encounters.

Check out our exclusive interview with Linkin Park above!

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