Linkin Park have become one of the most successful rock acts in the world since releasing their debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ back in 2000. The effort catapulted the Los Angeles-based band into the stratosphere, but along with tremendous success came the pitfalls of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

While Chester Bennington’s struggles with drugs and alcohol are well documented, Mike Shinoda recently shed light on how the band comes together to help each other out when in need.

Shinoda told British newspaper Metro, "When Chester had some problems, everybody jumped up to help him and tell him how supportive we wanted to be and how much it means to us that he was doing something positive."

Bennington told he was molested by an older friend at a young age, which he said "destroyed his confidence" and led him to a self-destructive path of drug use. He added, “I’ve done everything. I got really, really bad. When I was 13 to 16, I was doing a ton of LSD and a lot of drinking. Then, when we couldn’t find acid, we turned to speed. I got really bad, really quickly."

Shinoda added that the band’s friendship helped them traverse their early success and everything that followed. "The band got so big so fast it was obvious to us when people were trying to take advantage," says the co-vocalist. “We knew we couldn't trust some of these people but we could trust each other."

He continued, “We're lucky to have a band full of guys who have their head screwed on straight. A lot of life experience goes into that, but we just support each other; we have each other's back. At the end of the day we love what we do. We're not willing to throw that away on anything."

Linkin Park will hit the road for a massive tour with Rise Against and Of Mice & Men in 2015 to support their latest album ‘The Hunting Party.’ The band will headline the 2015 Rock on the Range Festival in Columbus, Ohio in May and will perform at the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival in Grand Junction, Colo. in June. Check out their tour dates here.

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