Rob Zombie is set to release his 'Mondo Sex Head' remix album on Aug. 7, which will feature "shocking" remixes of Zombie classics by several electronic musicians. First up is Korn frontman Jonathan 'J-Devil' Davis' remix of the White Zombie classic 'Thunder Kiss '65,' which you can hear below.

Both in White Zombie and his solo project, Rob Zombie has been in the forefront of industrial metal for over 25 years. Now however, he's handing over the reigns to the newest breed of electronic musicians to see how they re-configure his music.

It's no secret that Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is leaning towards the direction of dubstep, as evidenced in Korn's latest album, 'The Path of Totality' and Davis' own DJ sets as 'J-Devil.' Davis lent his alter-ego to Rob Zombie for the 'Thunder Kiss '65' remix, which showcases the spastic dubstep, "Whaa whaaa, woosh woosh, bwwahh, bwa-bwa-bwa-bwa-a-a-a"-type stuff.

Rob Zombie recently explained to Rolling Stone why he's releasing a remix album now. "I've made records like this in the past, but over the years it seems like the interest in this type of thing had waned ... so I stopped for a while," says Zombie. "But recently I had been hearing how a bunch of the new DJs and mixers were using my stuff in their shows and mixes. So I figured the demand had returned. Everything old is new again, I guess. I let the remixers run wild. If I like it, I use it. If I don't, I skip it."

Rob Zombie's remix album 'Mondo Sex Head' will be released on Aug. 7. Check out J-Devil's dubstep-infused version of 'Thunder Kiss '65' in the player below.

'Thunder Kiss '65' (Jonathan 'J-Devil' Davis -Number of the Beast remix)

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