Ghost have a date on their current headlining tour at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in Midland, Texas scheduled for tomorrow (Nov. 19) and a local pastor is concerned about their presence in the community. "I don't know that we can stop the band from coming - I don't know how that works - but this is very concerning to me," explained Midland pastor Larry Long while appearing on a local radio talkshow, The Morning Show with Craig Anderson. "And I'm not so much concerned about the band as I am about the fact that Wagner Noël didn't have better sense than to sign this band. What are those people thinking? Are they a part of our community? Do they care what the majority of our community might think about something like that."

He later continued, "Sure, I'm concerned about the content of the band. We have a freedom of religion in America, which means a freedom of irreligion and anti-Christian faith, if that's what people want to do. And so, from that sense, yes, the band bothers me. But I'm not in favor of outlawing the band per se. What I'm in favor [of] is finding out from Wagner Noël what in the world they're thinking… I don't know what Wagner Noël can do once they sign that contract, but for Heaven's sakes, they need better sense than this. And I think the community should be alarmed about it. This is not healthy for our community. Because we Christians believe the devil is real, so when you have a devil-worshipping band… And I'm sure the band believes the devil's real - I doubt that they're just doing this as a part of their shtick for music, and music they produce and so on.

A group of locals held a "prayer meeting" that they defined as not a protest, but a gathering to simply pray over their community. They believe that the band's presence will bring "spiritual influences" into the area that they are concerned about. You can watch a local news report on the story below.

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