Update (06/22/20): CJ McCreery has uploaded a statement addressing the allegations against him:

Update: As expected, Lorna Shore have canceled their upcoming tour dates in Asia while still trying to sort out their future minus McCreery. They add in their posting, "Everyone asking about the album/future. You will know when we know. At this moment, there are discussions but nothing we can comment on. All we ask is please be patient. This will all be addressed soon."

Lorna Shore vocalist CJ McCreery had been removed from the band shortly after allegations of sexual misconduct and mental abuse surfaced online. McCreery has also deleted his social media accounts after several women came forward.

Back in April, Nicole Garvey claimed she had been in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship for four-and-a-half years. Though she didn’t outright name the man, Garvey published private messages from a man saved as “Cj” in her phone:

By October, Garvey was sharing other stories from women who claimed to have similar experiences with the alleged abuser:

On Dec. 23, Lorna Shore revealed McCreery was no longer the band’s vocalist without sharing any further details:

Garvey began to receive an outpouring of support following Lorna Shore’s decision. With the metal community’s attention, Garvey continued to share damning evidence against McCreery’s character, including his alleged use of racist language, while sharing her disappointment that some wrote her off due to her career as a sex worker:

“The biggest shocker: I have NOTHING to do with Cj McCreery being kicked out of Lorna Shore,” Garvey tweeted. ”That isn’t being discussed yet, but it isn’t even about me. Let’s get this straight, nobody cared about me or the other girls before. I’m just sharing now cause y’all listening.”

Garvey also posted a much longer account of her alleged experiences with the Lorna Shore singer, including filming sex acts with her while she was underage (17). “We were ON AND OFF dating OR having excessive sexual relations for the next 4 years of my life,” she writes. “These years were long filled with manipulation, shaming, grooming, lies, cheating, stds, sexual, emotional, and mental ABUSE.”

Once Lorna Shore had parted ways with McCreery, even more women came forward to share their stories with Garvey:

Lorna Shore have not yet offered a comment on the allegations surrounding CJ McCreery. [via MetalSucks]

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