The last time (and first time) we checked in with Ryan and George from the popular YouTube channel Lost in Vegas, they gave an unbiased reaction to Rush's "2112" epic. They're back again, this time giving a virgin listen to Avenged Sevenfold's 2010 classic "Nightmare."

Immediately, they pause the song to note the eerie Nightmare on Elm Street vibe of the twinkling lullaby opening melody. They're hooked by the grooves and melodies, and explode with glee when the anthemic "Fight! Not to fail! Not to fall!" part of "Nightmare."

"I think it's not as pure to the standard structure of heavy metal," theorizes Ryan after suggesting that maybe the elitist metalheads don't like the band because of the soft, melodic vocals. George had his own ideas, noting the lyrics may come off as cheesy, something they had noted as a complaint in the comments section of their last A7X reaction video.

They pay no mind to these notions, however, and can't praise "Nightmare" enough, stating that it "checks every box." Ryan even comments that the song is "universally good" while George noted that despite the chorus leaning into pop territory, the track has powerful drumming and gruff singing slightly reminiscent of James Hetfield, more than enough to keep it firmly in the metal world. They also call for unity amongst metalheads who stick to purist values regarding modern age metal acts.

These two don't research bands before listening to them and here, yet, again, Ryan and George are able to pick up on the nuances of a band or song, contextually relating it to other metal songs they've heard and present an educated assessment of the music that's typically within striking distance of being accurate.

The "End of the World" tour, featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Prophets of Rage and Three Days Grace, launches on July 22 and will carry on through early September. Head here to see a list of upcoming stops.

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