Over the last quarter century, Dying Fetus have been one of the most influential acts in the death metal underground. Their fusion of bobbing slam riffs, tectonic grooves and melodic, flashy technicality has spawned countless imitators, who not only took musical cues from the Maryland-based outfit, but from their preposterous band name as well. The style spread like an untreatable infection and all the while, guitarist / vocalist John Gallagher has anchored the band, serving as the lone constant in Dying Fetus.

Authors of one of this year's best metal albums, Dying Fetus have received unanimous praise for their newest slab of confrontational brutality, Wrong One to F--k With. So when the Summer Slaughter tour stopped in New York City, we knew he had to catch up with Gallagher to discuss just what it is that makes this album so damn good.

Loudwire's Joe DiVita hopped on the Dying Fetus tour bus, sitting down with the band's mastermind to dig into the crunchy production which varies from the typical well-polished recordings that dominate the new era of extremity. We also got into the gore-drenched, beyond-violent music video for "Die With Integrity," who came up with the idea for the Dying Fetus knife and spoke about what it's like trying to push boundaries during a time where shock value is almost non-existent in metal. Surprisingly, the band faced some degree of censorship regarding the album cover they really wanted to put out.

If you've heard our podcast with Terrance Hobbs and Derek Boyer of Suffocation, you know we discussed a bit of their recent lineup changes. Shortly after Frank Mullen stepped down from regularly touring with the band, Gallagher was tapped as Suffocation's live frontman. What was it like for him to put down the guitar and act as a standalone frontman and why did he step away from the role? You'll have to listen to find out!

Tune in above to check out our chat with John Gallagher and get your copy of Dying Fetus' Wrong One to F--k With at the Relapse Records webstore. To see a list of upcoming tour dates and to stay up to speed with the band, follow them on Facebook.

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