The true test of a good song can sometimes be how it translates over a variety of genres. Already a huge hit in 2016 for DJ Snake and Justin Bieber, "Let Me Love You" goes a little darker and heavier with its latest interpretation performed by Love and Death with special guest Lacey Sturm. Take a listen to the song and check out the new video below.

"'LMLY' has been one of my favorite tracks to cover. It's so enjoyable to me making a pop song super heavy," says Love and Death founder and singer-guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. "Having three vocalists perform on the track was unique as well and I love the way mine, Lacey and JR [Bareis]’s voices blend together. When I asked Lacey to do the song with us I had no idea what the lyrics would mean to her at that particular time. After discovering what she was going through, my main hope with the song was that Lacey would find healing, and that healing might extend to anyone struggling in life who heard the track."

He continues, "The 'never give up' message that directors Sebastien Paquet and Alison Roberto worked hard to convey in the music video profoundly mirrored some of the conversations Lacey and I were having behind the scenes, without either director having prior knowledge of the conversations, so we were very blown away by that and we’re so proud of what we achieved here with this song and video. Art is so much more powerful than we think."

Sturm adds, "Working with Love and Death on 'Let Me Love You' was sort of a supernatural experience. I was mourning the loss of a loved one when I recorded the song. Mourning is a multifaceted process and sort of comes in waves. They asked me to do the song at a very dark moment in that process. When I went to sing in the studio the lyrics were everything I wanted to sing and scream in response to this death; which felt like such a theft."

She continues, "Sometimes death is beautiful and sometimes it is a thief. I know people who have died from overdose, alcoholism, suicide – yes – but I also know so many people who have overcome these things and are making that story their own ripple effect of hope and life. Brian and I both have lived stories like that; overcoming suicide and addiction. For Bieber to sing 'Let Me Love You' is inspiring in one way maybe, but for Brian to scream it and to get to scream it alongside him over so many people who are struggling, it’s like I got to believe for people to overcome right in the face of the hopelessness I was tempted to embrace. The same thing happened when I did the video. I needed it. Right at that moment. It was like the author of life loved me while death was trying to suffocate me. I got to let God love me through this sacred echo of a song. I’m so thankful."

The video leans more on guest actors to help advance the narrative while Sturm and the members of Love and Death are more added into the mix via a performance. The clip ends on a powerful note with the message "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." #chooselife posted as the final takeaway.

The original version by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber, which hit No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, definitely has a lighter feel with danceable beats, while the Love and Death version gives it a little more layering and depth.

The song is featured on Love and Death's current album, Perfectly Preserved and can be picked up here.

Love and Death Featuring Lacey Sturm, "Let Me Love You" (DJ Snake + Justin Bieber Cover)

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