Earlier this week, Avenged Sevenfold's show in Detroit, Michigan was postponed due to inclement weather. Opener Kim Dracula was able to perform their scheduled set, but a series of lightning strikes forced the venue to call off Avenged's set. M. Shadows has since addressed the postponement.

The concert was scheduled for July 26 at the Pine Knob Music Theatre. "Detroit will get something special. Already working on it," Shadows tweeted that night; however, he gave a more lengthy explanation as to why the show was postponed on the band's Discord, which a user uploaded a screenshot of on Reddit.

"At the end of the day, Live Nation, the venue and Ticketmaster want the show to go on at all costs. It's a huge hassle for them to have a show canceled like this but there are some guidelines that they must follow for people's safety. I'm sure we can all agree that if people were being struck by lightning at concerts we would hold the promotor accountable," the singer wrote.

Shadows stated that whenever lightning is detected within five miles of the venue, the show has to be stopped for 30 minutes, and people are ordered to "shelter in place." After the 30 minutes have passed, if there is no more lightning, the venue gives fans an extra 30 minutes to make their way back to the venue so the show can go on.

"The show has set times that are clearly defined. Meaning, we can't go on at 7PM to miss the storm when we are advertised for 9:10. People would be pissed. So the show goes on as planned and we watch the weather carefully," he continued.

Shadows' post says that lighting struck around 5PM and 8:45PM. By 9:15, the venue allowed fans to head back to their seats and Avenged was going to take the stage at 9:45. The city had apparently extended the curfew so that the band could still play until 11:30, despite their later start.

"Shortly after everyone got back in more lightning struck. Which was going to add another hour onto the start time... even if we got back on stage after that hour with no more lightning, we would have only had 30 minutes to play. So Live Nation decided it was better to reschedule... Everyone at the venue, Live Nation and the band wanted this show to happen."

The singer concluded that he and the band sympathize with fans who were disappointed by the outcome, as they were themselves. You can read the full post here.

Since then, a few other fans have posted screenshots of their digital ticket for the show, with the new date set for July 25, 2025. A few other people noted that their ticket still says the date is TBA, so someone asked Shadows directly on Twitter.

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"Fans from the rained out Detroit show are seeing a July 25, 2025 date on our postponed digital tickets. It’s going around the Discord and Reddit. Figure it’s probably just a place holder date, but could you confirm it won’t be two years out for the reschedule? Thanks!" they wrote, with Shadows responding, "No date yet. Getting options still."

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the rescheduled date. Avenged's next performance will be tonight (July 28) in Tinley Park, Illinois. See the rest of their upcoming dates at this location.

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