Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox showed up to the launch party of his nail polish line chained together, according to TooFab. It seems like this celebrity couple is really attached to each other and this event, they literally were.

MGK and Megan Fox love to make a scene on red carpets, and the launch party of his new nail polish line in West Hollywood over the weekend was no different. The line is called UN/DN LAQR and it only makes sense the focus would be on couple's nails at the launch party.

Both Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were rocking all black outfits, MGK had a tattoo-like silver/black emblem on his chin, while Megan Fox had on dark red lipstick. The two rocked matching pinkie nails that had silver chains connecting them, according to ET Online. Both MGK and Megan Fox's pinky nails were painted with a snakeskin pattern, while the rest of his nails were pink and hers donned the same snakeskin pattern.

According to their nail artist, Brittney Boyce of Nails of LA, she used a nail piercer to pierce both of their pinky nails and used three shades from his new nail line. Boyce told Page Six that the couple like to match and that Machine Gun Kelly is "one of my favorite clients because no matter what, I'll always get good nail shots with him, because he loves showing them off so much."

The nail artist also stated that "it's really nice to have [someone] that pushed me beyond, that I can be more edgy and creative with." You can see some pictures of the couple's chained together look below, and we can only wonder if they were listing to "Hey" by the Pixies on the way to the launch party, or maybe "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac, or maybe even "Glass House" by Machine Gun Kelly himself.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Were Chained Together at Release Party
nails_of_la Instagram via Page Six

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