Machine Head recently were forced off the road as frontman Robb Flynn could no longer soldier through the pain of his double inguinal hernia. The band left a massive tour with Dethklok, All That Remains and the Black Dahlia Murder so Flynn could undergo emergency surgery. The singer went under the knife yesterday (Nov. 14), filming the process along the way.

Robb Flynn's surgery diary begins with the frontman being driven to the hospital, acting less than enthusiastic about the procedure, but reassured fans, "I'm a little nervous; I going under anesthesia, but I'm stoked to be getting it done. I've been putting it off for too damn long."

The rest of the short film includes Flynn giving very specific details and updates throughout the day, while showing off his ballin' purple hospital socks. As a dazed Flynn woke up from the surgery, he seemed relieved to be done with his hernia burden. "Apparently it went really good," assured Flynn. "I got a couple of holes in me. I've got some IV going, I've got some good drugs on me; not feeling a whole lot of pain right now … apparently my double inguinal hernia is fixed."

Flynn went on to thank his bandmates and friends for their support during the process, of course adding that his family jewels were feeling sore. Check out Robb Flynn's surgery diary below.

Robb Flynn's Surgery Diary