Marilyn Manson made some waves yesterday when he released the first single, 'No Reflection,' from his upcoming album 'Born Villain.' The song already has the online music community in deep discussion over whether this is Manson's comeback single, or if it's a sign that the provocative rock icon is on his last legs.

'No Reflection' is a heavily atmospheric and dark song that screams Marilyn Manson. The style of the song offers instant recognition as a Manson track with the frontman's trademark voice slowly and hypnotically weaving its way into your ears. But is 'No Reflection' enough to propel Marilyn Manson back onto his highest peak? We want to know what you think.

Now that 'No Reflection' has been given time to set in with eager fans and naysayers alike, Judgement Day has arrived for the new Manson offering. We've already reviewed the track and have given our opinion, but we want you to cast the deciding votes. Do you love the new single? Do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in between? Listen to the track and let your opinion be known below:



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