The first taste of Marilyn Manson's 'Born Villain' is upon us in the form of the album's debut single 'No Reflection.'

The prevailing ghostly, otherworldly lore is that if you can't see your reflection in the mirror, it means you're dead or a ghost. That ideology can be applied to Manson and his career, with the question being: Can he see his reflection in the mirror? Or is he on professional life support and nearing death?

While the song may be called 'No Reflection,' if the man born Brian Warner was looking in a mirror, he'd definitely see his heavily made up mug, with creepy, color contacts and red lipstick smeared all over his face.

We could call 'No Reflection' a "comeback" single, since it's reminiscent of some of the Antichrist Superstar's best work. It starts off firing on all cylinders, with chunky power chords that repeat through much of the song, like rounds of ammo. It doesn't sound like 'Beautiful People,' arguably his signature song and biggest hit, but it has a similar tension and release formula.

Synths that buzz like electric currents and Manson's razory vocals are also present, as to be expected.
It's a chaotic industrial aggro anthem, but the singer never gives up on melody. The song is memorable and it'll get your head bobbing along. Those stop-start riffs feel like aftershocks, too.

If 'No Reflection' is any indication, there's plenty of gas left in Marilyn Manson's tank. He could go another million miles.

The song is available on iTunes on March 13, while 'Born Villain' will be birthed on May 1. Like Rosemary's Baby, huh?


Listen to Marilyn Manson 'No Reflection'