Get ready for your next favorite supergroup! Mastodon's Troy Sanders, At the Drive-In's Tony Hajjar, Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen and guitarist-keyboardist Mike Zarin have launched a new group called Gone Is Gone that will soon be playing their first show in Los Angeles.

The project began when Hajjar and Zarin began writing music for film trailers and realized that they had created a sound that needed life outside of that medium. After a few phone calls, they added Van Leeuwen and set to work on music for an EP, but they still needed a vocalist. After hearing what the guys were doing, Mastodon's bassist-singer Troy Sanders flew to Los Angeles and met with the trio to write and record vocals, thus completing the new band.

Hajjar tells Rolling Stone, "When thinking of singers, a few came to mind, but Troy Sanders' voice and presence kept on coming up in conversations. Both Troys had always talked about doing something together, so it was an easy connection. Sanders flew in and tracked some demos to the finished music, and it went from there."

Sanders says, "The vibe from day one was, and has been, very therapeutic and refreshing for me. The chemistry was immediate. I can only dedicate myself to something that rewards me purely, and we are all in this for the right reasons."

Hajjar goes on to add, "The thought behind this band is to combine what most of us know from many years of being in touring/recording entities and our love of scoring. Mike and I have had the privilege of being part of some amazing movie trailer campaigns and scored the game Splinter Cell: Blacklist together as well. Our goal is to be able to do more of this within this project."

Gone Is Gone will play their first show at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles on April 27, with tickets going on sale this Friday (April 15) at 10AM PT via Ticketmaster. After the show, the next step is to issue their debut EP, which is expected this summer via the band's own imprint via Rise Records and BMG.

The band has chosen a song called "Violescent" to be the lead single, and a portion of the song can be heard in the player above. As you can hear, it starts heavy on the bass and drums before the guitars turn it into a more driving rocker.

As for the future, Hajjar says he envisions Gone Is Gone as a band that can live even when the members are off doing other things. "The goal is to compose remotely, if needed, on film, trailers or anything else that comes up. It feels good to know that all of this music will see the light of day soon."

Stay tuned for more from Gone Is Gone.

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