Mastodon are no stranger to late night talk shows, having performed for various outlets over the years on the promotional circuit for new albums. The band is still out in support of 2014's Once More 'Round the Sun and drummer Brann Dailor will be back on network television, sitting in with the house band on NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Dailor will be seen behind the kit of the 8G Band led by sketch comedy show Portlandia co-mastermind Fred Armisen. The stickman will make his debut tonight (April 4) and will be featured each night through Thursday (April 7), rounding out the lineup already boasting Seth Jabour, Eli Janney, Syd Butler and Marnie Stern. Late Night With Seth Meyers airs at 12:35AM ET and PT as well as 11:35PM CT.

Thrilled at the opportunity, Dailor stated, "I'm so excited to combine three of my favorite things. Playing drums, staying up late and watching TV. I love Seth Meyers and his show so I can't wait to rip it with his band all next week!! It's gonna be a blast!!"

Fans of the larger "silver screen" got a taste of Dailor's work from actor Christian Bale in the film The Big Short. Bale prepared for his role as a character who would relax by listening to heavy metal and was also a drummer by learning double kick techniques from Mastodon's as well as the Pantera classic "By Demons Be Driven."

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