Matt Skiba has his hands full these days. Though he's mostly known for his work with Alkaline Trio, he's recently subbed in with Blink-182 for shows and has a new disc by his Matt Skiba and the Sekrets outfit called Kuts that have been grabbing headlines of late.

As for his recent appearances with Blink-182 at shows they had initially intended to play with Tom DeLonge, Skiba says that may not be the end of his association with Blink. He tells Alternative Nation that there has been talk of writing with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker and it's something he's definitely interested in.

"I think that's a great idea and it's something we have discussed," says Skiba. "It's something I would be very excited to do and I've known the Blink guys for about 15 years and we've become good friends. Playing songs I haven't written with Mark and Travis is a blast, so to go in and create music with them would be amazing."

Skiba says it's "too soon to know" if he'll be a permanent member of Blink-182 and adds that Alkaline Trio touring is about to creep back into the picture soon. But he adds, "That is a hope of mine. If we're discussing recording an album, I think that seals the deal, but we shall see. Only time can tell."

Speaking about his relationship with Tom DeLonge, Skiba says that he hasn't been in contact with the rocker, but does feel they've had a good relationship over the years. He adds, "My role as replacing him in these shows is nothing personal. The guys asked me to play with them and I said absolutely and it was nothing to spite Tom. Every experience I had with Tom was positive while touring with him in the past. So there is no bad blood between us, or at least not from my end."

While his Blink-182 association is in a state of flux, Skiba will be releasing the Matt Skiba and the Sekrets album Kuts on June 2. As for Alkaline Trio, the vocalist adds that while there are tour plans on the horizon, the band is taking a break before pursuing another studio album.

Check out the full interview at Alternative Nation.

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