The Portnoy toy drum trilogy is finally complete. Years after Mike Portnoy broke the internet with his Hello Kitty and Pokemon ‘Name That Tune’ drum videos, the torch has been passed to his son, Max Portnoy.

We invited the Tallah / Next to None drummer to take his dad’s gimmick to the next level, bringing monster drum parts from the ‘90s, 2000s and 2010s to a downgraded version of the Hello Kitty kit. We grabbed two tiny kits so Max could utilize a double kick, and it turned out to be a blessing since Max couldn’t stop breaking toms and cymbals.

Portnoy used his regular sticks at first, but it was too much for the kit to handle. After smashing three of his four toms straight off the rack, Max finally picked up the toy sticks that came with the kit. Somehow, Portnoy sounded even better with the tiny sticks, and the Hello Kitty kit survived long enough to withstand some Slipknot and System of a Down drum parts.

Max even played some of his own parts from Tallah’s debut EP, No One Should Read This. It was “Red Light” that finally saw the Hello Kitty kit’s demise, but Portnoy didn’t stop playing until the kit had been completely decimated.

Check out Max Portnoy’s Hello Kitty Session in the video above and click here to grab Tallah’s No One Should Read This EP.

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