If you've followed Megadeth over the years, you're aware that frontman Dave Mustaine has pulled from world events for inspiration in his music. The rocker and his band are closing in on the release of their Dystopia album, a disc that is dark in tone and lyrical content and we recently had a chance to chat with Mustaine about his inspirations for the Dystopia release.

While the music that fans have heard so far seems fitting of the times we live in, Mustaine revealed that not all of the inspirations come from modern day. "Things going on in the world influence my lyrics, but it's not just right now and what's contemporary. It's something that has laid itself out and is the way of the world and has been for a very long time."

He goes on to add, "When you look at a lot of the lyrics on this record, it's not that much different than any of the other records. It's just the climate."

In the video interview clip above, Mustaine discusses his creative lyrical process, briefly mentions the attempt at reuniting the 'Rust in Peace' lineup and delves into some of the forums that feed his lyrical content and offers an interesting take on when heavy metal music is at its most popular amongst listeners. Hear more of what Mustaine has to say in the interview video clip above.

And be on the lookout for Megadeth's Dystopia, arriving on Jan. 22. The disc is currently available to pre-order in a variety of bundle options at this location. And look for Megadeth supporting the Dystopia album on tour at these stops.

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