Earlier this week, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine revealed that the David Draiman-led Device would be part of the 2013 Gigantourtrek. Now the second band has been named and it's opening act Death Division.

While speaking to a Syracuse radio station about the addition of Device to the tour, Mustaine left one very important clue about who else might be playing. The Megadeth leader and Gigantour trek founder and organizer stated, "I think fans are gonna be pretty stoked, because each one of the other bands on there, they're new bands comprised of a person who was a major celebrity from a really large band who went on to do something new."

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For those unfamiliar, Death Division is the aggressive yet melodic outfit founded by Hellyeah and Nothingface bassist Jerry Montano. The group also features Morbid Angel drummer Tim Yeung, guitarist Rick DiMarco and singer/guitarist Sean de la Tour. The band thanked fans for the support online and may have tipped another key piece of info by stating, "It is going to be a great summer." Dates for the trek have not been revealed, but the "summer" comment narrows down the timeline for the run. Mustaine himself had also hinted but not confirmed that the trek could take place as soon as summer.

To help introduce fans a bit further to their music, Death Division posted their new single, 'I've Had Enough' online. You can hear it in the player below.

Listen to Death Division's 'I've Had Enough'

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