Little by little, Megadeth are unveiling more pieces to their upcoming album, 'Super Collider.' But by no means is the latest gem from the band "little." Megadeth come rocking out of the gates with the new song, 'Kingmaker,' which has surfaced online ahead of the band's 'Super Collider' album release along with the disc's full track listing.

The track opens with some ominously dark David Ellefson bass notes leading into what sounds like a hovering helicopter before Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick's full on guitar assault kicks in. Mustaine sings about the "need-it-now" mentality and wanting to be the ultimate "kingmaker" in the track.

'Kingmaker' is just the latest sneak peek fans are getting into the new record. The band recently revealed the title track and a snippet of the song 'Don't Turn Your Back' was recently tied to a promotion revealing the disc's album art. The album also features a pair of tracks with Disturbed and Device frontman David Draiman lending a hand. He turns up on the songs 'Dance in the Rain' and 'Forget to Remember.'

As Megadeth lead up to the June 4 release of 'Super Collider,' they're also getting their promotional responsibilities in order. The group just shot a video for 'Super Collider' that will debut shortly and they've filled out the bands and itinerary for the 2013 Gigantour trek this summer. Check here for the dates.

Megadeth's 'Super Collider' Track Listing:
1. 'Kingmaker'
2. 'Super Collider'
3. 'Burn!'
4. 'Built for War'
5. 'Off the Edge'
6. 'Dance in the Rain'
7. 'Beginning of Sorrow'
8. 'The Blackest Crow'
9. 'Forget to Remember'
10. 'Don't Turn Your Back … '
11. 'Cold Sweat'