Megadeth have just debuted the title track from their upcoming fourteenth studio album, 'Super Collider.'

Megadeth recently teased fans with a preview of 'Don't Turn Your Back' on, where the album art for 'Super Collider' could be unlocked through a memory puzzle game. The short clip of 'Don't Turn Your Back' is essentially what fans had expected from Megadeth, as the track boasted a crunchy thrash riff alongside a catchy verse sung by Dave Mustaine in his signature grit-speak style. However, the title track from 'Super Collider' is much, much different.

Debuted over the air by radio goddess Full Metal Jackie, 'Super Collider' is somewhat of a departure from Megadeth's thrash roots, displaying more of a radio rock sensibility. 'Super Collider' contains some classic shredding amidst the up-beat, wind-blowing-through-your-hair-while-speeding-in-a-red-convertible sound, but may disenchant old-school Megadeth fans while recruiting a more casual, mainstream crowd.

Even the lyrics within the chorus of 'Super Collider' veer more to the mainstream, as Mustaine sings, "On the high road, I will take you higher / 'Til the world explodes, just like a super collider."

Check the song out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments action below!

Megadeth, 'Super Collider'