Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris has been up to some interesting stuff while not focusing on his gig with the grindcore legends. The new project Menace has been launched by the guitarist, and we've got the premiere of Menace's new animated video for 'I Live With Your Ghost.'

Menace was originally supposed to be a project comprised of Harris, Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera and Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor, but due to busy schedules, Mitch Harris chose to kick off the new act alone. "We all became incredibly busy and as a result new directives evolved, and to achieve my goal for Menace I needed to see the album through myself," says Harris.

The metal veteran continues, "To me Menace is the old meeting the new; heavy and melodic, descriptive and adventurous, epic and futuristic, carnal and primitive, and so on. Menace brings unrealized dreams closer to fruition. It is about overcoming loss and hardship, and a combination of many interests including spiritual philosophy, psychology, science, physics, theatrics, the supernatural, the paranormal, film, poetry, photography, art, sculpture and video; the things I’ve focused all my energy on over the last twenty years. It's an organic-meets-technological approach to exploration and self discovery through a direction I term audio-installationism (A.I.)."

Harris concludes, "Those familiar with my previous work will be in for a surprise and should expect the unexpected, but I’m a firm believer that even the most improbable dreams should be explored. Menace is a statement in itself, a way of saying that there is always a way forward, no matter how difficult it seems. If you are still alive, then there is still something to achieve."

The space-themed video for 'I Live With Your Ghost' is awesome, showcasing the collision of two planets and the destruction and heartbreak which unfolds. You share each step with the main character (who reminds us a lot of Isaac from 'Dead Space'), embarking on a journey as tripped-out as the song itself.

Check out the premiere of 'I Live With Your Ghost' in the video above. Menace's debut album, 'Impact Velocity,' will come out March 18 via Season of Mist. To pre-order the album, click here.