We all owe a debt of gratitude to these musicians who advocate for mental health awareness in interviews. These 10 artists are proof that things really can get better, no matter how dark your present may be.

Our love affair with Corey Taylor goes far beyond Slipknot and Stone Sour fandom. We also love the Great Big Mouth for shining a light on his own struggles. “People who fight depression are almost in a constant state of hurting,” Corey told us in a 2017 interview. “People need to realize that not only is [calling suicide victims cowards] immature, but it’s also a cop out. It’s needlessly simplifying a very real issue.”

Disturbed’s David Draiman also speaks about mental illness often, encouraging fans to reach out to those suffering while they still can. “Don’t wait until the funeral,” Draiman urges. “If anybody sees people who are in a state of distress who are struggling, who are continuing to try and fight the fight; to be an advocate for them. To go ahead and involve themselves in some way. To try and make something good happen before nothing else can.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis is another shining example of mental health advocacy. In a recent interview, the singer suggested ways those struggling can empower themselves. “Things that I can say that helped me is getting up and taking walks, exercising; that kind of stuff helps with depression. The other thing is there’s a stigma around it and people try to hide it, that they’re hurting. Tell someone, a lot of people have compassion.”

Check out these 10 Awesome Mental Illness Advocates in Rock + Metal in the Loud List above.

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