Swedish extreme metallers Meshuggah have just released a third music video from the band's 2012 full-length, 'Koloss.' This time, 'I Am Colossus,' the opening track from 'Koloss,' has been chosen for a music video, and fans may be surprised by the Tool-like intricacies of the clip.

Though MTV, VH1 and other once-music-based channels hardly focus on clips these days, it's refreshing when a band reminds you that the art of the music video is not dead. Thanks to sites like YouTube, Meshuggah can still reach a large audience while creating captivating visual companions to their songs.

Reminiscent of Adam Jones' work with his band Tool, Meshuggah's video for 'I Am Colossus,' which was premiered by Metal Hammer, features disturbing, dark and experimental imagery. Thin humanoid figures wander dark passageways, physically transform and prey on their unwilling torture victims. The slender villainous figures steal the life force from those around them to feed some sort of mysterious heart, which gains strength after each sacrifice. The menacing figures succeed in their dastardly duties, but we wouldn't want to spoil the video for you, so let's just say the heart becomes something much more terrifying by the clip's conclusion.

Check out Meshuggah's awesomely crushing new video for 'I Am Colossus' in the player below!

Meshuggah, 'I Am Colossus'