This may not be the first time a heavy metal animal has rocked your world, as Loudwire has brought the 10 Funniest Heavy Metal Animal Videos to your attention and posted ‘Psycho Puppy’ and 'Headbanging Bear' for your viewing pleasure. But, we bet this montage of cats will give you a chuckle.

In the video above, you'll see clips of cats that have been edited together to make it seem as though the felines are singing and dancing to the metal music in the video. The clip is under a minute long, and is well worth your time.

For those wondering, the video of the cats is soundtracked by a song called “Life of Fear” from New Jersey heavy metal band Lorna Shore. Thanks to the cat video, the band’s song has received a big bump in views, having been seen about 40,000 more times than the other two videos posted on the band's guitarist Gary Herrera's YouTube page. “Cats brought me here” and “I was brought here because of a cat video” are common phrases you’ll see in the comments sections under the group’s upload. Phrases we’re sure any musician is excited to see.

Lorna Shore is one of the bands that will be playing at this year's New England Metal & Hardcore Festival. The 17th annual festival goes from April 17-19 in Worcester, Mass., and Lorna Shore is scheduled to play on the last day.